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  • Cognate with ‘rise’?
  • PIE *H3er-s ‘rise, protrude’?
  • Old Norse Risar ‘mountain giants’
  • Old Norse Bergrisar ‘mountain giants’
  • Old Icelandic risi, risar ‘giant, giants’; risa-barn ‘giant-child’; risa-folk ‘giant-folk’; risa-kyn’giant-kind’;  risa-ligr ‘giant-like, gigantic’; risa-voxtr ‘giant’s size’ (Zoega)
  • Archaic Swedish rese ‘giant’
  • Modern Icelandic risi
  • Danish rise
  • Old High German risi, riso
  • German riese ‘giant’
  • German surnames: Riess, Reiss, Rees
  • Dutch reus ‘giant’
  • See Lotte Motz 1987
  • Old English hris ‘the top of a tree, ride wood’
  • Sanskrit rishi?
  • Rissen Scar (Westmoreland)?

dizzy and giddy


  • ‘to flow, to run’
  • ‘to die, to faint, to vanish’
  • to shine brightly
  • ‘to blow, to dissipate, to flt about like dust’


  • dizzy

*gheu #

  • ‘to pour, to pour a libation’
  • ‘to die, to disappear, to get away’


  • gut [Modern English < Old English guttas ‘intestines’ < Proto-Germanic *gut- < Proto-Indo-European zero-grade form *ghud]


  • giddy



  • *mai ‘to cut’ [Proto-Indo-European] 
  • *a-mait-jon ‘biter’ [Proto-Germanic]
  • amete (Middle Low German] #
  • amete [Middle Dutch]
  • aemete [Old English] #
  • aemette [Old English] #
  • amete ‘ant’ [Middle English]
  • amte ‘ant’ [Middle English]
  • ante ‘ant’ [Middle English]
  • emmet ‘ant’ [Cornwall English]
  • emmut ‘ant’ [Berkshire English]
  • ant ‘ant’ [Modern English]

Similar Forms:

  • semut [Bahasa Indonesian]