If you become our client, we promise to provide you with state-of-the-art brand strategy services, on time and on budget. To deliver on that promise we invest in talent and technologies, not offices and extras.

Fixed Fee Proposals

Once we understand the goals of your project, we’ll provide you with a straightforward fixed-fee proposal, including the option to select additional services, if appropriate. You’ll know exactly what you’re getting and what it will cost.

Three Month Branding Projects

A typical brand anthropology project takes twelve weeks, for which our standard fee is USD $5,000 per week. This usually includes one week of discovery and strategy, one week of creative exploration (with feedback), one week of creative development (with feedback), and one week of evaluation and selection. We may budget for additional weeks if we are naming your new company, if you are targeting more than one market, if your decision-making process is unusually complex, etc.

One Day Branding Workshops

If you’d like to bring your branding team together for an intensive brand anthropology session, we can lead a workshop for a fee of USD $1500 per day (including a prep day and, if appropriate, one or two travel days).

Annual Retainers

If you have a long-term need for our brand strategy servicesetc., we may suggest an annual retainer arrangement. Our retainer fee is fully negotiable based upon your specific requirements, but USD $90,000 per year is typical.


We don’t discount our services except for non-profit engagements, simultaneous naming projects, and naming agency of record agreements. We believe in being paid what we’re worth — no more and no less. We do consider equity or payment-in-kind arrangements.


We offer all of our services à la carte at our standard rate of USD $5,000 per week.


We’ll bill you for any project-related expenses we incur at actual cost. We’ll include a good faith estimate of our expected expenses (travel, respondent recruitment, etc.) on our first invoice and make any appropriate adjustments (up or down) on our final invoice.